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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  January 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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>> tammy vigil is live. with the mistakes it appears the mom may have made. >> . the girls mother was driving here on dell mar. when she turned left. onto s-f avenue. 16 avenue. a car driving northbound t boned her. this is my first time at the intersection. it does seem confusing. it is that mistake and another
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>> >> police say her mom with her 3 kids on board. turned in front of another van that had the right-of-way. the impact hurled the kia on its side. into another car waiting at a red light. >> the khaoeultd was in a booster seat. but the initial investigation restrained. >> . meaning she hasn't buckled the seat belt over the booster seat. required by law. >> it's hard for them. a second child lost. year-old daughter died 6 and a half years ago from brain injury. inflicted by a babysitter. >> . now a child she raised for ten years joins her little sister. a bright little girl.
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equally bright future. now gone. >> charges are possible against the mom. by state law. children under 8 have to be in a booster seat. recommended children under 4 foot 9 also use a booster seat.
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the cu college of nursing is opening a new clinic in aurora. there's a catch. there won't be any physicians on staff. it will be run entirely by nurse practitioners. >> . will cost. >> . they're calling it a new kaoeupd of healthcare. a new kind of healthcare. >> they want to help you. they want to meet your needs. >> one of the first patients, but she wasn't seen by a doctor. cu health partners is run solely by nurse practitioners. >> the state of colorado a nurse practitioner can treat, diagnosis and prescribe without over sight from a physician. >> . whether you are feeling sick. need a flu shot or check up. offering monthly membership fees for 59 to 79 dollars a month. o operations manager says
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insurance out of equation. saving patients money. >> no deductible for copay. >> . >> the provider will see them. and say don't come in, here's a prescription. or here's what i think is going on. if it gets worse this is when you should see us. >> patients can also pay per visit. if they choose. with cash. or bill your third party
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deductible. a list of prices can be found on the web site. they offer same and next day appointments. >> she could be ordered to spend 120 days in state jail. couch remains in a mexican detention facility. and continues to tpaoeubgt extradition. >> . fight extradition. >> . >> remember this father in detroit. who wept upon hearing news his missing son had been found alive in his basement. today he pleaded guilty. to misdemeanor child abuse.
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authorities had been searching for the boy for even days when he was found behind boxes in the basement. the father was being interviewed when he got word. authorities say the boy endured physical and psychological abuse. including extreme exercise routines as punishment. >> . >> a spokesperson for the actor says fox broke the window out of a burning car. after it crashed last night. in la. and cut the driver out of the seat belt and pulled him to safety. police say the driver was treated at the hospital.
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somebody is vandalizing fiberoptic cable. in and arpd the bay area. homeland security is getting involved. they want to know if it's a test run. or a threat to super bowl 50. >> . vandals have attacked fiberoptics systems in various citing arbd around the bay area. since 2013. the fbi says there have been 15 such cases that remain unsolved. >> . it's a concern. >> . fbi now looking to see if the cases might be security threats. >> if it's cut. it's a disaster. this is a big event. one of the largest events that we have in america. >> . he has seen the super bowl assessment threat from officials. >> every criminal act doesn't have to be terrorism. because it's disruptive to the financial institution or. people can get a lot of bang for the buck. by cutting a cable.
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>> an attack on the systems can cause massive problems. whether it's san francisco super bowl city. or at levi stadium. stopping the super bowl itself. >> a bigger concern is the attack carried out recently. >> . super bowl city organizers say there's 4 entrance tkpwaepts for the tens of thousands of people. attending the festivities allock along the water front. medal detecters and other security measures fans would expect. at any large sporting event. harp says the threat of a fiber fiberoptic attack is minimal. >> . this is a possibility.
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>> . the fbi goes onto say. they assess every security threat for every super bowl. and will kobt to continue to do so in the next few weeks. >> . >> tom, tom. a fine line. between being a competitor. and ultimate complainer. he walks that line probably just about as good as anybody. we saw it in that clip. sefrp certainly here in denver. week 12. when things didn't quite go his way. and just a couple days out from the championship game. some of the broncos players in particular smith. marshall. a mile high sports radio today.
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>> that would be an accurate statement. >> every time he gets sacked. he looks at the ref. >> . are you willing to go that far. >> yes. i will. >> . all right. bulletin board material. i don't think the defense really cares that much. meanwhile. i showed you earlier. it's worth another look. go out and get this. a keeper right. sports illustrated highlighting the big rivalry. >> . calling sunday's match up the last tango. going to mark after all the 17 meeting between the two. >> . more broncos news and note. today the team did make it official. placing bolden on injured reserve. the broncos most productive return man. injured his right knee sunday. a big factor.
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before he was injured. during a punt coverage play. to fill the spot the broncos are saying in house. from the practice squad. >> . >> line backer ma why, o. suffering from a the part-time starter for the patriots did log 47 tackles for the defense. significant loss thr-fplt. >> . opening day. 80 days away. we have to talk a little baseball. look at this tweet. >> . reds announce they will induct pete rose into the team hall of fame. the reds hall of fame. and check out the way he's autographing his baseballs. >> .
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pete rose. of course the still nonmajor league baseball hall of famer. trying to make a little bit of a point. >> yeah. >> . brady is a cry baby.
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there it is. the snow that came blowing in this morning. from north to south. left a trace maybe half inch in most locations. and quickly as it moved out, the sun popped out. it melted away. but right on its heels here comes the next storm. out of the pacific. already at salt lake city. into the mountains tonight. and on its way to us. late tomorrow and tomorrow night. winter weather advisory out for the north central mountains. where they could do well.
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high temperatures today warmer he's. with upper 40s and low 50s to the south and east. we were cooler upper 30s to about 40. and the coolest temperatures once again in the mountains. temperatures in @ low to mid and even a few upper 30ings down towards denver coming in at 40. which is just short of where we should be. 44 your seasonal average. outside right now. had a pret pretty sunset. skies mainly clear over the city. we're at 39 downtown. just above freezing at the airport. 32 in watt kins. 44. and 39 in lake wood. across the rest of the front range. seeing more 30s showing up. below freezing in greeley. >> 35 in parker. 34 in castle rock. not a lot of wind for the front range. here, starting to see the wind flare up. as it comes down close to georgetown. focus on that. we are expecting wind gusts tonight. and early tomorrow. we have color shaded it. there in the foothills. from the divide down the foothills. and some of the that may reach the western communities.
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over the higher terrain. tonight, we'll call it partly cloudy. cloud cover early in the morning. maybe some patchy fog. to the north and east. we'll break into sunshine. you can see the snow. ramping up isn't the mountains. and late in the day, a couple of snow showers skipped down onto the eastern plains. i don't think it amounts to much. as a matter of fact. it blows through quickly. between five and midnight tomorrow night. we wake up thursday. it's proto-ty much all gone. that quick moving like today. >> . better snow accumulation here. you can see the computer printing out what can be. places. certainly less than in an inch. >> lows tonight. teens and 20s in the mountains. the same over the eastern half of the state.
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the temperatures up a bit. highs tomorrow, a lot of 30s. sprinkle in a few 20s. steam boat. dillen. back towards craig. >> >> that wind i mentioned, helps to heat the air a bit more. on the west side of town. as it down slopes off the higher terrain. and compresses and heats. here you could be pushing close to 50. you get east of i 25. and the numbers are just a few degrees cooler. really not bad looking day. nine o'clock tonight. 28 under partly cloudy skies. hint of sunshine early in the day. darker clouds will maybe a threat of a snow shower. to tomorrow evening. again the snow is gone. by the time you get up on thursday. it will be a chilly day. at 39. then a couple days to enjoy. in the 50s. friday saturday. sunday night. i think sunday late afternoon. sunday night. snow gets under way. that takes us into monday. you can see the temperatures. we cool to 40. we drop to 32. and ahead of that chance of snow
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that is till in my forecast. at this point i'm not putting snow in the forecast. for the game. it's between one and 4. 4:30 or so. the temperatures cool off. and the wind could be swirling around. >> morning commute monday could be interesting. tuesday still chilly 30s. but the sun comes back. >> before we go. here's a look at the top stories. denver fire chief is recovering after investigators say a woman stabbed him. authorities say he stopped at a light on colfax and spear. arpbdz two o'clock. when a woman pulled up next to him. jumped in his car and stabbed him. he has minor injuries to his hand and leg. the woman is in custody and
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aggravated assault. >> . a surprising rise in traffic deaths. colorado department of transportation says fatalities jumped an alarming ten percent in 2015. half killed in wrecks were not wearing seat belts. and another third is drunk or drugged driving. >> . authorities are looking into statistics. to lower the must number. >> it is a surprising up tick. >> . put the phones away. seat belt. >> distracted driving a big part. for sure.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what
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